Magnet Therapy

Other Magnetic Products


There are other ways of using magnets as well as the magnetic bracelet technique, and as discussed previously we suggest three methods:

  1. Locally: Use magnets, a wrap or other therapy magnet, directly over the problem area.

  2. General Approach: This is where magnetic bracelets are often used. The magnets line up over the main arteries at the wrist. The improved blood circulating through can then have a beneficial effect on other areas of the body.

  3. Dual Approach: In fact we suggest it is good to use both a local and general approach, as we believe this provides the best overall strategy to alleviate a problem.


The comfort of the sole of the foot is markedly increased with the application of a Magnet Insole.

Magnetic Insoles are used widely for improving circulation. They can also be helpful tired aching feet, bunions, arthritis, foot spurs. In fact most foot problems could be helped.

They are especially suitable for people on their feet all day or for sports performance.

Orb SPORTS BRACELETS - The Neo30 Series of Silicon Magnetic Bracelets

The Neo30 uses the latest technology to integrate a large number of high strength bars of Neodymium magnets within a practical easy to use flexible silicon magnetic bracelet.

Ultra lightweight and water resistant, the bracelet slips on and pulls off easily, having no clasp, and is very comfortable to wear. Each of the 30 magnets is constructed from a 12,800 gauss manufacturer graded neodymium magnet giving 1500 gauss at the bracelet surface. This ensures maximum magnetic therapeutic benefit and optimum performance from the Neo30. Probably the most powerful magnetic silicone bracelet available.


Magnetic wraps provide both magnetic therapy and support at the same time. They are used for pain relief, long-term problems and short, acute episodes of pain, sports injuries and preventative care.

The wraps are made of lightweight Neoprene that is tough, breathable and durable. The magnets are 1000 gauss in strength. They are strategically sewn into the magnetic wraps to act on specific problem areas in the joints, muscles and vertebra. The wraps are fully adjustable; one size fits all using Velcro fastening.

  • Innovative New Product - ORIGINAL COPPER HEELER INSOLES: Ultra thin lightweight copper insoles, contains 14 times more copper than a copper bracelet.
  • These revolutionary insoles are made from 100% copper: They were designed and developed by top orthopaedic technicians to ease painful conditions in all parts of the body.


Therapy magnets have been designed with the individual in mind who can create his or her own magnetic therapy.

They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, materials and magnetic strengths. These magnets can be used on most areas of the body to help with pain relief. The smaller magnets are usually taped onto a specific area of the body. The larger Therapy Block magnets are normally held or placed over the problem area.

  • Acudot Magnets: These miniature dot Magnets can be applied anywhere, easily and discreetly, to provide targeted therapy for aches and pains. The adhesive backing holds the magnets securely and comfortably in place on painful areas like wrists and fingers; ankles and elbows; shoulders and anywhere along the spine. A variety of magnetic strengths are available, we have found that the high strength 6000 and 9000 gauss dot magnets to be the most effective using bio-north towards the skin. These magnets are reusable, just change the plaster adhesive or tape.

  • Therapy Disc Super Magnets: These are large circular disc neodymium magnets with powerful magnetic fields and deep penetration. Used for pain relief on most areas of the body especially for back and joint locations. With a surface gauss strength of 2400 gauss - the size makes them super strong. Encased in a washable plastic vinyl shell. Two block sizes are available.


Everyone Wants a Healthy Pet. Yes even our pets can benefit from magnetic therapy.

Anti-inflammatory effect.
The magnets in our pet collars aim to improve the quality of blood circulation, and so help to reduce inflammation and detoxify the tissues. Magnets also help block pain by releasing endorphins, the animals' own natural painkillers.

Anti-parasitic effect.
It has been reported that fleas and other parasites cannot thrive in a magnetic environment. Infestations could be reduced by the use of a magnetic dog collar.

  • The Magno Mutt Magnetic Dog Collar is our own bespoke design and has been constructed for maximum magnetic therapy, it contains 3 to 4 large powerful magnets (depending on collar size). Each magnet is graded at core strength 14000 Gauss, with well over 2000 gauss at the surface. This level of magnetic strength enables deep, effective penetration of the therapy. Magnet size is a key factor in this type of therapy which will be of greater benefit to your dog. This could help relieve the symptoms of lethargy and painful stiff joints.